What can I donate?

We accept a wide variety of items, including clothing, homeware, books, shoes, scarves and accessories, electrical items, soft furnishings, CDs, DVDs, books and toys and games. Remember, it is our job to sort through your donations so you don’t have to!

We are able to accept small pieces of furniture as long as they are in good repair and are able to fit in a car.

There are a few things that we cannot accept as donations:

  • Broken, incomplete or unsafe items (such as toys, glassware, ornaments,  and china)
  • Safety equipment (including helmets, children car seats, and safety gates)
  • Medical equipment
  • Video tapes and cassettes
  • Real fur

A poem by Davina Bartlett (Who works in our WAC shop)

Don’t press your nose to the window Come in and take a good look!

We have lots of treasures to tempt you A teapot, a hat or good book!
We have lots of nice things inside here You’ll be surprised at what you might find!

If you want a nice chat, we can oblige you with that You see, we really don’t mind!
We are also in need of donations For our shelves and pretty displays!

Your junk is our treasure, we’ll take it with pleasure It helps us in so many ways! 
So next time you’re standing there thinking Just gently push open the door!

Take the plunge, don’t look back, give your support to our WAC We’ll be thankful for ever more!