Why call the Helpline?                              

Call the Carers Hub helpline on 0300 012 4272 if you need support with your caring role.

You may be feeling that the person you care for now needs more care and that you are no longer able to provide as much support as you were once able to.

It may be that you have suddenly have found yourself in a caring role and are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to find what help is available.

It is important to try and equip yourself with as much information and support as possible.

Our experienced Carer Pathway Advisors can assist by providing accurate, local information and advice on all aspects of caring including

  • Looking after your own health
  • Understanding the needs of the person you care for,
  • Practical solutions to the everyday challenges of caring
  • Opportunities for having a break,
  • Financial entitlements
  • Mobility
  • Equipment
  • Planning for an emergency 

The cost of the call is classed as a local call for both landline and mobile.