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Many carers are having a tough time right now. Whether it’s the cost-of-living crisis having an impact, not being able to get a break or struggling with your own health needs - the life of a care giver can be a challenging one. At WAC many of our team are carers themselves so we understand how hard the role can be and we are passionate about carer support! When caring gets tough the first thing to suffer can be the carers own health and wellbeing and many carers really struggle to find the time and energy for their own self-care. We want to make this a little easier so we have brought together our most popular wellbeing sessions into ONE THREE WEEK PROGRAM which we successfully launched in Tibberton in April this year. We are delighted to be able to repeat this program in the north of the county at the lovely Garden Room overlooking the beautiful walled garden at Avoncroft Arts Society,  Redditch, Road Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove, B60 4JR


Our new Care4Me program is upbeat, and interactive it will bring carers together to explore a wide range of tried and tested selfcare approaches including, Mindfulness, Stress  Management, and Food and Mood. In each session we will explore a new topic together, there will be plenty of chat, plenty of new ideas to test out and lots of time to meet other carers in a similar situation. And yes there will be coffee and cake!  To book either go to our website and book directly or call the helpline on 0300 012 4272


Venue: Garden Room , Avoncroft Arts Society , Redditch, Road Stoke Heath ,Bromsgrove, B60 4JR


Dates :  August Wednesday  7/14/21


Times 10-12


August 7th


Introducing Heartmath a new take on stress management which teaches simple and effective breathing and visualization techniques to help us deal better with feeling of stress and overwhelm.


Aug 14th  

Mindfulness a selfcare approach to bring moments of calm and relaxation to your life. We will explore simple and fun techniques designed to helps us calm down and feel more grounded and ready to cope with life


Aug 21st  Food and Mood

Food and Mood exploring the connection between what we eat and

how it makes us feel. We will cover simple changes that can be made to boost energy and wellbeing.

Join us this summer and Care4Me!