Herefordshire Carers

We provide help and support for unpaid Carers in Herefordshire, to give them a break from their caring role, reduce isolation, improve wellbeing and develop opportunities for peer support. 

Together with Worcestershire Association of Carers, we also act as a voice for Carers living in Herefordshire. We facilitate and promote events where Carers can be represented and their views listened to, respected and valued.

We provide a Carers Emergency Card scheme, which offers you peace of mind should you have an accident or were taken ill.


You will be asked to give brief details of 2 people who can be contacted in an emergency who would be able to care for the person you look after whilst you are unable to.  If you don’t have  anyone who could do this, Herefordshire social services would be able to arrange care for the person you look after.

You carry the card with you at all times, and if someone calls the emergency number on it to say that you have had an accident or been taken ill, Redditch Lifeline will call your emergency contacts and ensure that the person you care for is looked after.

To apply for your free Carers Emergency Card or for any information about Herefordshire Carers, please email us: [email protected]    

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If you are a carer in Herefordshire and you would like to know more about the events on offer for you, please contact Jane Taylor - [email protected]