Current Volunteer Opportunities

All our volunteers are provided with training and support       

In our Droitwich shop

Driver to deliver and collect items to and from the shop

Garment Repairer to use you sewing skills to make donations suitable for sale

Cleaner to ensure the shop and other areas of the premises are clean for our customers and volunteers.


In our Office

Taking calls on our helpline, recording the details an needs of the caller, and referring them for help when needed

Customer Experience to contact carers, gather feedback about the services the association has provided and if they need further support.


In our Groups

Facilitators to support the organisation and running of carer support groups. Carer Group Facilitators lead regular monthly 2 hour meetings for a carer group. We currently need facilitators for the groups in Bromgrove, Droitwich, Worcester and Wythall.


In your community

Community Connector to use your local knowledge to identify places where carers and

Other members of the public will be able to view and pick up information about WAC

e.g. libraries, shops etc. and liaise with them about where the information may be displayed.


For a detailed role description please contact [email protected]

Application forms for these opportunities can be found here

For further information contact the Volunteer Coordinator Alison Cutner

01905 751347    [email protected]