Free Telephone Support for Carers


Would you like a friendly, regular phone call from one of our Carer Talktime volunteers to help you feel more supported and less isolated in your caring role? If so call our helpline 0300 012 42 72

You will be matched with someone who will phone you at home, at a time to suit you, to chat confidentially about how you are managing and discuss any concerns you have. The same person will call each time.

All our volunteers have been trained by the Association and have been checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service.

The volunteer caller does not give advice or information, but with the permission of the carer can pass on any requests for specific support to Worcestershire Association of Carers.

The carer can also ask for help directly by calling our helpline 0300 012 4272.


This is what our carers say about the Carer Talktime service.


“Being able to talk to someone else about the problems you are having makes you feel not so isolated”


“It has been a lifeline- someone who listens”


“I have had a lot more strength to cope due to the support I have had during the calls”


“Many sincere thanks to you for all the many phone calls you have made to me. I really look forward to them each week. I have many down times and talking to you always lifts my spirits, we always discuss many things and always find something to laugh about. Thank you.”