What is Social Prescribing?

A lot of things affect our health and wellbeing and our GP’s work very hard to look after our physical and mental health.

However, sometimes there are other issues that are difficult to deal with that cannot be solved by medication or medical treatments.

Social prescribing is here to support you with these problems. We give you time, compassion and a safe space to find out what really matters to you.

You are eligible for this service if:

  • You are over the age of 18
  • You need some support and encouragement to improve your physical or mental health and wellbeing
  • A patient at a Redditch or Wythall GP Surgery.


How to get in touch
Speak to your GP surgery who will send a referral to our team and we will contact you to talk about our service.


To find out more about social prescribing click on the link below:

Or download our leaflet here