On Tuesday 4 July 2017, our fundraising team, Ali and Lizzie, had the opportunity to go onto Youthcomm Radio 106.7 FM- Worcester (official) to speak to DJ Liam Cash about our 20th birthday, bringing with them a delicious chocolate cake to celebrate the milestone. Liam once again brilliantly helped WAC to get the word out to find us runners for the Worcester City 10K on 17th of September.

We're working very hard to find runners for our very special team #teamwac20! (You might have seen a bit of buzz on our Facebook and Twitter accounts about it.) This will be our 4th year taking part in the Worcester City 10K and we are aiming to raise £8500 to add to the £11,500 we have raised since 2015 at this event and so hit a staggering £20,000 in our 20th year! We are still recruiting hard so to find out more and to sign up to #teamwac20 please click here.

Youthcomm Radio has supported WAC since 2015 and we simply cannot thank them enough for everything they do for us. It’s always great talking with Liam and the Youthcomm audience to raise awareness of Worcestershire's 63,000 unpaid adult carers and what we are getting up to!

Our grateful thanks go to Liam Cash at Youthcomm for allowing us to share this audio clip with you. If you missed us on the radio, or would like to listen to us again, please click below: