We're delighted to be able to share with you that Worcestershire Association of Carers has been selected as the 'preferred provider' for the new Worcestershire Carers Hub                                                                

The Carers Hub will:

Provide a full range of information, advice and support for carers on their caring journey 

Empower and build resilience of carers to maintain their caring role

Help to manage the impact of caring roles on the lives of carers and their physical and mental health and wellbeing

You can find out more about what's on offer from the Carers Hub here

So what does this mean for carers?  It means that carer support in Worcestershire will continue to be provided by an organisation with an excellent knowledge of the county, a carer-centred approach and a deep understanding of the issues affecting carers, partly because many of our staff are or have been carers themselves. 

The new service starts on 1st December 2022 but for most of you it means we’ll be able to carry on supporting you much as we have in the past.   Over the coming months and years we’ll be providing an extended range of services and a new Virtual Carers Hub for those who like to find information digitally.  Don’t worry if computers aren’t your thing – we’ll be helping more people to get online, but if you prefer hard copies of information, we’ll still be providing these for anyone who needs them. 

The latest edition of Caring News will be landing on your doormats or email inboxes before Christmas, so do have a look at it to see some of what's happening during the winter months.