Carers Breakfast - Bromsgrove

Tuesday 29th January 2019 was the date for our most recent Carers Breakfast at Bromsgrove Golf Club. This breakfast, kindly funded by Bromsgrove District council was over subscribed way in advance of the day and we had 40 carers and staff in attendance.

The Carers Breakfasts are part of a wider 'Carers Unlimited' project whose aim is to reduce loneliness and isolation in carers and help to improve social networks in the caring community.

We have been fortunate that so far we have had fantastic support from local councils, businesses and the community in being able to fund and support these events and the feedback has been extremely positive from carers who have attended.

If you are a carer and are interested in attending the next Carers Breakfast it will be at Café Rouge in Worcester, 10am on March 6th and carers need to pre-book their menu choices via our website here or by calling the helpline on 0300 012 4272.