Carers UK has recently released new research revealing that the financial pressure on carers has become unsustainable.  


With food and energy bills soaring, fuel prices at an all time high and economic cuts after two years in a pandemic we are all facing a cost of living crisis, but few are feeling the pinch so much as unpaid carers.  


While token gestures of support are being made by the government, such as the £150 Council Tax Rebate to many people living in properties in Council Tax Bands A-D (Click here to go to the Money Saving Expert website, for the best and most regularly updated information we’ve been able to find), for many people these simply aren’t even touching the sides.  


This Twitter thread by Jack Monroe shows just why people who are already vulnerable are being so disproportionally hit: Click here 


The recent study by Carers UK has shed light on some truly shocking statistics: 


“Just under half (45%) of unpaid carers told us that they are currently unable to manage their monthly expenses and that any further increases in energy bills will negatively affect their own physical and mental health or that of the person they care for. Many also said they were having to take difficult steps to manage their monthly expenses; 58% have cut back on heating while 14% have already fallen into arrears with their energy bills. In the months ahead, 42% thought that they would not be able to heat their home to a safe level, while 32% are worried they will have to use a food bank.  

We are extremely concerned that unprecedented levels of stress and financial worries are now being piled on unpaid carers after an extremely challenging two years caring through COVID-19. Without immediate action from Government we are concerned that hundreds of thousands of carers will be unable to cope. That’s why we need your help to raise awareness of the financial hardship carers are facing and to secure the urgent financial support carers need! “       

They are asking that you take a couple of minutes to write to your MP today. They have provided a template letter and ask that you add your own personal experience to this, before sending it, if you wish to.  


Please forward any response you receive from your MP to [email protected] so that they can follow up, if you are happy to do so. 

We’ll be updating our website over the coming weeks with more local sources of information and advice on money matters, so look out for the latest updates soon.