Carers Rights Day: Today, Tomorrow and in the Future

Carers have Rights! Yes, as a carer you are entitled to a number of rights.

The first step in your carer journey will be identifying as a carer.

This can be challenging in itself because as a family member, or friend or as someone supporting a person with a disability, illness, mental health condition; anyone taking care of someone who could not cope without your support - whatever that looks like, understandably, many will think of themselves as the mum, the dad, the brother, sister, uncle, auntie, son, daughter, in law, grandparent or grandchild, the list goes on... first. 

Once you understand and recognise yourself as a carer, getting the right support and access to services - and indeed understanding your rights becomes a whole lot easier.

So what is a carer and what does that mean?

You can find out about what a carer is by watching this video here

What rights do I have as a carer?

Here is a summary of your rights as a carer; today, tomorrow and in the future.


  •      You have the right to request flexible working arrangements
  •      You can ask your GP practice to identify you as a carer on your patient record
  •      You have the right to exercise your right to request a free flu jab
  •      You have the right to legal protection -If you look after an older or disabled person, the law - under the Equality Act 2010, You are protected against direct discrimination or harassment because of your caring responsibilities.
  •      You have the right to request a carer’s assessment
  •      You have a right to be consulted with if the person you care for is being discharged from hospital, the hospital must identify and consult with you, where possible

Tomorrow and in the future

·  You will have a legal right to request up to five days unpaid leave every twelve months, which will help many manage some of the day-to-day challenges of being a carer – enabling you to stay in employment.

·   You will be able to ask their employer for changes to your working hours, times of work, or place of work, from day one. 


More about the New Laws being passed to support Working Carers


The Carer's Leave Act


The Carer’s Leave Act has now received Royal Assent and will become law. The law could come into force at the earliest in April 2024. This new Act will give unpaid carers balancing unpaid care with paid employment the legal right to five days of unpaid carer’s leave. The details of how these new rights will work in practice will be confirmed later this year and early next year.


The Flexible Working Act

A law has been passed that gives working carers the right to ask employers for flexible working from day one of their employment in England, Scotland or Wales. 

· This could cover changes to your working hours, your times of work, or your place of work. 

· You will also be able to ask your employer for changes twice a year rather than once a year which is helpful if your caring circumstances change, for example.

· You will no longer have to make a case about the impact this will have on your employer.

· Your employer will have to consult you if they don’t think they can make the changes you need. 

When does this come into effect?

The government has said it will come into effect about a year after the law received Royal Assent, which was on 20 July 2023.

For more information about Carers Rights Day you can find more on the Carers UK website: 

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