On Tuesday 25th July, we partnered with Carers Careline to host our second Carers Breakfast. The event took place at The Bunker at Pitcher Oak Golf Course in Redditch, thanks to the kind sponsorship by Rank Cares and Carers Trust.

Natalie Carney, Carers Services Manager at Carers Careline, said, "We were thrilled here at Carers Careline to be given the opportunity to work with Worcestershire Association of Carers to arrange the breakfast for carers in the area.  It was wonderful to see the carers enjoying a break from their caring role and getting to know other carers that they may not have met at previous events."

Being able to host a Carers Breakfast is important because it allows carers to have a break from their caring roles, by offering them a lovely occasion to eat, chat and hopefully create new local friendships.

Jim Smith, deputy CEO, said “Carers tell us the importance of a break from the caring role, and the value of meeting other carers.  We designed the Carers Breakfast with this in mind. It was a privilege to build this event in partnership with Carers Careline. It’s a great example of us working together to benefit carers in the district. I’m thrilled so many carers attended on the day.” 

Quotes from carers on the day:

“Meeting together for a full English, doesn’t get much better!”

“It was lovely to have breakfast without the usual restraints of the caring role.”

“A most welcomed break as I was very stressed yesterday.”

“It was good to feel valued and involved.”

At our breakfast, we were fortunate enough to be joined by five volunteers- four from Rank Carers and one from Carers Trust.

Jess Waller, Volunteer Coordinator and Fundraising Officer at Carers Trust, said, “Attending the Worcestershire Association of Carers breakfast was such a lovely way to spend a Tuesday morning. I think it’s amazing that the centre really listens to the carers they support. It was lovely for me to spend some time chatting to the people that Carers Trust is helping on a daily basis as it is not an opportunity that presents itself very often in the role I do and it really reminds me of the incredible impact Carers Trust and all the carers centres around the country can have.” 

With the completion of two successful Carer Breakfasts, we hope that we will have the opportunity to host more in the future. 

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