On Monday 23rd April we hosted our third Carers Breakfast. The event took place at Poolbrook café in Malvern, thanks to the kind fundraising and support of Malvern TSB. 

Carole Cumino, CEO of Worcestershire Association of Carers said "We are thrilled to be able to offer these events for carers. Seeing those we haven't seen at events before and having the opportunity to talk to carers and see them enjoying a break is wonderful"

Being able to host these Carers Breakfast is important because it allows carers to have a break from their caring roles, by offering them a lovely occasion to eat, chat and hopefully create new local friendships.

We know that Carers often have limited time for themselves and surveys tell us the importance of events like these.

One carer, who hadn't been to one of our breakfast events before said "What an amazing idea. I didn't realise how stressed I had been until I came here and talked with people who understand and 'get me'".

Our next carers breakfasts will be held at Waylands Yard in Worcester on Tuesday 12th June, 10am (during our carers week celebrations) thanks to the very generous support of Sanctuary Group.

 If you are interested in booking please visit WORCESTER CARERS BREAKFAST or call the helpline on 0300 012 4272.