On 11th June during Carers Week 2018, Worcester Association of Carers working with Worcestershire Health and Care and Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trusts, held an event titled “You said, We did.”  The event was the combination of a series of six sessions delivered during the year to  discuss key themes for carers including, isolation, hospital discharge, mental health, palliative care, confidentiality. The final sixth session was well attended, with over 40 carers and professional joining us. It provided an opportunity to reflect on the previous sessions and consider all of the feedback we had received from carers. It also enabled us to work together to champion the support services that are working well, as well as to try and improve the areas that carers found challenging. It also gave WAC an opportunity to report back on the work we had done specifically around these themes, including setting up new groups and activity’s for carers and raising awareness of the challenges some carers face at a strategic level.   

We received excellent feedback and it was an extremely well attended event which brought together carers, professionals, and people in the community, and gave everyone the opportunity to have a voice as to how we can all continue to improve to help carers.