Help us to transform people’s lives by remembering Worcestershire Association of Carers in your will

 A legacy, no matter how great or small, is an amazing way to support our work long into the future.

Unrestricted gifts are the most valuable to us as the funds can be used where they're most needed but, of course, you can stipulate the particular area of our work you would like to support.

Where will my legacy be spent?

We are a local charity covering the county of Worcestershire. All funding contributes to supporting carers in the county. If you would like to leave money to a specific project we can ensure that is where your money will be spent.

Do I have enough assets?

A gift from you, no matter how big or small, can make a huge difference to carers in Worcestershire.

Who should write my Will?

You should seek legal advice. This helps to ensure your Will is legally accurate and that all your wishes are followed.

What if I already have a Will?

Your solicitor can add Worcestershire Association of Carers to your Will with a written instruction called a codicil.

Click here to download the Codicil form

If I have left you a gift, should I tell you?

It would be really helpful if you tell us that you have included a gift to Worcestershire Association of Carers in your Will. We can keep you updated on how your intended gift can help support carers in the county

How do I find out more?

Please contact us on 01905 751340 and ask to speak to someone about donations in wills.