Herefordshire Carers

Who Are We?

Some of you may know us from Herefordshire Carers Support and have followed us through our journey over the last 2 years. During this time Helen and Georgia have been working hard to deliver activities and day trips to Carers. By organising the trips and events they have allowed Carers to take a break from their Caring role. This break has allowed Carers to meet with others, have some time for themselves and recharge their batteries.

As of 31st March 2020 Herefordshire Carers Support come to an end and any remaining funds have been transferred to Worcestershire Carers Association, this has allowed Georgia and Helen to continue their work as Herefordshire Carers, in partnership with Worcestershire Association of Carers.

Working together we hope to give Carers a Voice in Herefordshire as well as continuing to deliver the events and activities.

How We Can Help

As you will know, during the current climate we are unfortunately unable to run any trips or events, but there is still a lot we can do to keep people in touch with each other and help them feel less isolated. Via the above social media we will be posting details of any online learning sessions, sources of information and advice for Carers regarding Coronavirus, fun activities to keep us busy and anything that keeps us connected. Social media does have its place in these circumstances!

The main Worcestershire Carers website is also very informative – you will see there that they are running online sessions which Herefordshire Carers can also access.

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