Caring with Confidence 

A carer’s journey into caring

“I found the 'carer' label very useful when my daughter became increasingly ill. One day a relative said "no wonder you're finding it hard to keep working, keep a home, keep yourself together - you've become her carer.

That was my light bulb moment, as I was able to see how life had slid. One day of sickness, one lost bodily function after another into a blinding mess, and how we'd morphed from Mum and daughter, to struggling mother and full time carer for an increasingly dependent child.”

It became clear to this carer that she needed expert advice and support to make the adjustments that both her and her daughter needed.

With the proper support, this mother has seen her severely disabled daughter achieve adult independence and a rewarding life of own.

“Family caring is born of love. It is never just a transaction, but it is damn hard!”

Carers always benefit from some level of support. Their role requires energy, determination, persistence, resilience and confidence and we can help with all that.

Our support goes some way to reflect the £132 billion it is estimated carers in the UK save the British economy every year.

Worcestershire Association of Carers is passionate about supporting, empowering and building on the skills and experience of thousands of family carers. Our work is described as a lifeline.

Caring with Confidence programme?

The free group sessions are delivered all over Worcestershire and available to anyone in a caring role. Sessions link together into programmes but are designed to work with and adapt to, the changing and unpredictable nature of caring.

Each 2 or 3 hour session is highly interactive, tackling all of the challenges carers face, such as

  • emotional ups and downs,
  • daily practical matters
  • legal and financial issues
  • moving and handling
  • first aid,
  • better communication

Besides the tackling practical issues, carers have told us that the programme offers a social setting, where they can offer and receive support from other carers who understand the issues of being an unpaid carer - feeling like ‘Finally, I’m not alone!!’

Caring with confidence programme 2018/2019

All sessions are 10:00 until 13:00 unless stated otherwise

Caring with Confidence- Broadway Programme

CWC Broadway at United Reformed Church Hall, High St, Broadway WR12 7AL.

Session Title Date
Finding Your Way 18th September 2018
Caring and Coping 2nd October 2018
Caring Day to Day 16th October 2018
Caring and Me 30th October 2018
Moving with Confidence 13th November 2018
Caring and Resources 27th November 2018
Paying for Care 4th December 2018 (10 until 12.30)
Legal Workshop 15th January 2019 (10 until 12.30)
Caring and Communicating 29th January 2019
Caring and Life 12th February 2019
Caring for someone with Dementia 26th February 2019
Dementia Awareness 12th March 2019

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All sessions are 10:00 until 13:00 unless stated otherwise

Caring with Confidence- Malvern Programme

CWC Malvern at Clarence House, 415 Worcester Road, Malvern WR3 1AS

Session Title Date
Finding Your Way 6th February 2019
Caring and Coping 20th February 2019
Caring Day to Day 6th March 2019
Caring and Me 20th March 2019
Moving with Confidence 3rd April 2019
Caring and Resources 17th April 2019
Preparing for Paying for Care 1st May 2019       (10 til 12.30)
Caring & Communicating 15th May 2019 
Legal Clinic 29th May 2019     (10 til 12.30)
Caring for someone with Dementia 12th June 2019
Caring & Life 26th June 2019
Dementia Awareness 10th July 2019

To BOOK onto any of the sessions, please click here

All sessions are 10:00 until 13:00 unless stated otherwise

This is a programme of sessions where each one stands alone, but carers who attended all sessions tell us they benefited the most. Refreshments are provided