Palliative Caring Services

There are approximately 4,200 people in Worcestershire requiring palliative care each year.  At Worcestershire Association of Carers we aim to provide carers looking after someone with a life-limiting illness with the support, advice and information necessary to assist them at such a difficult and stressful time. 
We rely on the generosity of the general public to donate and support carers in desperate need of help in Worcestershire. A gift, no matter what size, can make a real difference.

Becoming a carer for the first time can be overwhelming particularly when caring for someone who is nearing end of life. There are unique issues facing carers in this situation including difficulties coping as the persons physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs become more complex and/or demanding. Having to coordinate care and professionals on a 24/7 basis, having difficult conversations about resuscitation, artificial feeding and stopping treatment, organ donation and funeral wishes, dealing with feelings of loss, grief and bereavement.

From within our existing resource we provide some palliative caring services but we want to extend this offer to develop a countywide service across Worcestershire to compliment the hospice offer.

The extended services would see:

  • The expansion of the existing specialist advisor role providing dedicated one to one support to include post bereavement support available to carers’ in a choice of community settings which include carer’s home.
  • Further development of the practical sessions to include a new programme called Caring and the Practicalities which includes sessions on
    • an introduction to support services,
    • addressing the nutritional needs of the loved one and the carer,
    • managing medication and understanding opiates,
    • advanced care planning, resuscitation, lasting power of attorney, wills, benefits and funeral planning
  • Development of peer support and befriending services
  • Development of a volunteer led service offering practical help in the home in the final weeks/days i.e. shopping, collecting emergency prescriptions, etc.
  • Development of online self-help resources and promotion of digital options such as apps.

This project will cost £150,000 to run annually. We are applying for funding for individual elements of the project but need more community support in funding this crucial service.

If you are interested in donating, your donation no matter how big or small means unpaid carers looking after a loved one with a life-limiting illness can get expert information, advice and support.

To donate please visit our Palliative Caring Appeal page or email [email protected] and quote 'Palliative Caring Appeal'.